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June 16, 2021

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Pop singer Madonna said in the lyrics of one of her songs, “I’m a material girl, living in a material world.”  Her words are an accurate description how a person who doesn’t know Christ lives their life. 

Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount, (Matthew 5-7) gives us an entirely different view of the world from a spiritual dimension.  In this great message, Jesus explains the principles of His kingdom are different than those of the world.  Those who wish to FOLLOW HIM and become His disciples, must learn an entirely new way of living which is different than the ways of this world. 

“Might may make right,” in this temporal world, but in the kingdom to come those who are broken in spirit, gentle, merciful and peacemakers are the ones who are blessed (happy)! 

For the next several weeks we will be looking closely at this great sermon and the spiritual meaning of Jesus’ words as well as practical ways we can live out these biblical truths in our lives.  After studying these passages, I’m certain we will all feel challenged and realize our need for the Holy Spirit to help us live out these principles in our everyday life.


Pastor Stewart

1st Tidbits

June 16, 2021

Sunday morning service is 10:30-11:45 AM; You can join us in person or via livestream on any mobile device by going to youtube.com and search for “fbchobbs” or visit fbchobbs.org and select the media tab to watch previous services.  

Underground Youth:  Leave for Camp on Monday, June 21st

Bible Nerds: Meet Thursday contact Pastor Kc @(575) 208-1809 if interested.  (NO Bible Nerds this week!)

VBS July 12-15 from 5:30-7:30.   Sign up for volunteers is available at the welcome center desks or see Rebecca & Kristin

Letters were mailed to all active FBC members this week concerning the selection of the Pastor Search Committee.  



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