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Aug 5, 2020


Pastor’s Corner

This Sunday we will continue our study on 1 Peter in a series titled “The Journey”.

Peter encourages Christians to live for God even though they may at times face difficulty.  Peter’s letter applies to modern day believers like you and me .  His words teach us an important lesson:  the current world we live in is not our permanent home, we are just passing through.  In the meantime, as we wait for the glorious day when we will inherit eternal life in Christ, Peter explains how we should live our lives, and how when we face trials, it is the grace of God that sustains us in all things.  I look forward to digging into  the scriptures and sharing all God wants us to find together! 


Looking Ahead:
Aug 23rd—Baptism 

Sunday AM Small Groups

Underground Youth  - Sunday at 9:00 am in Underground youth room.

Adult 4 - 9:00 am In the Big Ed room
(1st floor)
Encounter Class - 9:00 am in the Troutt

Berean Class -9:00 am in the Troutt  

Sunday AM Worship - 10:30 am in the worship center or watch the sermon on www.FBCHobbs.org

Wednesday: Underground Youth
6:00 pm Meal and Bible Study

Thursday: 4:00 pm Bible Nerds in the Parlor

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No money and no place to sleep

Aug 5, 2020

The following article was published from the Voice of the Martyrs (VOM) on August 1st.

Like all their neighbors in rural Laos, Khoun and his family worshiped the house spirit, the forest spirit, the river spirit and the livestock spirit.

Then, one day a visitor told them about the God who became a man so He could pay our debt of sin. He also told them that this God had given His life for them and that He had power over sickness and death. Khoun’s family and two other families believed what the man told them. They began meeting every Sunday to worship and pray, and they enjoyed listening to a Christian radio broadcast in their native language. Soon, Khoun stopped drinking and fighting with his wife, and his family also threw out their household idols.

But the other villagers were concerned about the new religion, worrying that the spirits might get angry and punish the whole village. From that point on, every bad thing that happened was blamed on Khoun and the other Christians. Then, village elders and Communist Party leaders told the Christians that if they did not renounce their foreign religion and return to worshiping the spirits, they would have to leave the village.

Khoun knew he could not go back on his promise to follow Jesus. He had found the Truth.

The next day, two trucks pulled into the village and stopped in front of Khoun’s house. His neighbors loaded all the Christians’ belongings onto the trucks, and the elders then forced them to climb onto the trucks as well. They were driven to an empty field far from the village, ordered out of the truck and abandoned.

They had nowhere to sleep and food for only five days.

With no place to live, no land to farm, no livestock and no food, Khoun called the pastor who had shared the gospel with them and asked what they should do.

The pastor invited the Christian families to stay with him for a few weeks until they could find new land to farm, and VOM provided rice, clothes and blankets. Several weeks later, they found a new place to live and began planting crops again. The assistance helped sustain them as they got back on their feet, and they were greatly encouraged to know that other Christians wanted to help them when they got kicked out of their village.



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